FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) is an annual conference that aims to introduce communities to each other, associations and research and development teams involved in Free Software both in our country and internationally, promoting the usefulness and necessity of using Free Software and Open Source Software, as well as highlighting new trends in it and attracting new members to communities, with the aim of contributing more and more free code to all.

GFOSS communities and young programmers from academic space participate, and more than 1000 participants attend each year. The presentation is about the technological developments in the sector, innovative ideas, the collection of proposals for the promotion and the presentation of Free Software/Open Source Software and acquisition of knowledge through presentations and workshops.

The conference addresses all who are interested in Free Software / Open Source Software, regardless of their level of knowledge in the use of software and computers.

There have been 12 more conferences in the past starting in Athens (2008 at NTUA), until last year in Volos(2019 at the University of Thessaly). Participation in FOSSCOMM is free and all running costs are covered by donations and support. The event is organized exclusively by volunteers.

Due to the recent health crisis due to COVID-19, this year’s FOSSCOMM 2020 will be conducted online, and its organization will be supported by the University of Western Macedonia in Kastoria in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Education of Western Macedonia and GFOSS. This year’s event will have as an additional goal the promotion of Free Technologies in education and corresponding actions throughout Greece.

Why make a sponsorship?

The FOSSCOMM conference is mainly based on the volunteer work of the organizing team and its sponsors. Due to the peculiar situation we are in, it certainly does not need a large amount to be used for the needs of the conference, but there are definitely needs.

Many IT professionals gather every year at the conference, specifically this year due to the nature of the conference, we expect many recognized speakers, speakers from abroad. However, the conference is attended by people who promote free software and people who are interested in learning more about new technologies in the world of GFOSS. Manyl tend to write a report on personal blogs. The conference is promoted both on various FOSSCOMM communication channels and on official open source social media accounts of the open source communities.

The sponsorship of our conference will promote your company to even more people because this year the conference is held online. People from Greece and abroad will watch us, which will give more impetus to your brand.

Also we scheduled to send souvenirs to the speakers of the conference. So your support would help us give as many souvenirs as we can.

Additional Support Opportunities

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GFOSS communities.

You can send us material that you want to distribute as a souvenir to the speakers.

For more information and if you want to suggest something to us, you can send us an email at and a member of the organization will contact you.

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