Sociality Coop

Sociality Cooperative is a eight member worker’s coop (SynErg) established in 2014 in Athens. Our main areas of activity are: Empowering Online Presence of organization and companies, Creating custom digital tools with a user-centered perspective, Participating in research projects as a partner for user research, prototype development, and online campaigning, Education over digital marketing and open source web development,

Through the years we have created over 150 websites, organized over 40 workshops, managed several online campaigns and participated in several european programs (Capsella, ppCITY, 100memories, eLaionas WebGIS, Ledger and others) and community initiatives, such as FairBnB, Colours of a Journey, European Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City. We have extensive expertise on creating digital tools for organizations which adhere to the specific organizational needs by using the latest technologies.

We are currently working on the Synergy project, a financial toolkit for CoOps operating on a distributed ledger financed by NGI Ledger Program. Throughout the year, we have worked with important organizations in Greece and abroad, including the National Library of Greece, the British Council in Athens, the Transform! Network in Vienna, several coops and private clients in Greece active in a wide range of sectors.

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Synergy, an open source DLT financial toolkit for Cooperatives

By utilizing the Quorum blockchain framework we developed an open-source financial toolkit for the Cooperative Community. It offers loyalty and micro-credit services and is accompanied by the Synergy Digital Wallet. The goal is to create a software stack that is modular and can be easily replicated by the Coop Community around the world.