Sivan Pätsch

Sivan Pätsch is the Research Director at OFE. Before he joined OFE, he gained experience in EU policy making at the Council of the European Union. He also worked as an Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer among other responsibilities. He has a master’s degree in European Affairs from Lund University, Sweden with a thesis on the global expansion of the European data protection standard. In addition, he holds a bachelor’s degree in European Public Administration from the University of Twente, Enschede and from the University of Münster. Sivan is a native German speaker, is fluent in English and is learning Swedish.

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Give Open Source the weight it deserves in public policy

When the last study on Open Source in Europe was concluded in 2006, Open Source had not yet taken over the world. Yet policymakers don’t have the data they need to treat Open Source as the innovation machine it has become.

Fraunhofer and OpenForum Europe have been tasked by the European Commission to research the value of Open Source Software and Hardware.

During this presentation we will share preliminary takeaways and tell you why we need your input to make a pro-open source policy a reality.