pyHAM: SymPy extension module for nonlinear equations
2020-11-22, 14:00–14:20, Κύρια Αίθουσα Ομιλιών

Brief presentation of "pyHAM", a new python module based on SymPy CAS that solves nonlinear algebraic
and ordinary differential equations via the homotopy analysis method.

Homotopy analysis method is a relatively new powerful analytical method to solve nonlinear algebraic and differential equations. Based on SymPy, the Python Computer Algebra System, a new and open module (pyHAM) is developed to be used for the solution of nonlinear algebraic equations and boundary value problems of ODE's. The very first version of the module will be presented alongside with 3 simple and illustrative examples. The presentation is addressed mainly to scientific Python developers and users of Python scientific eco-system (NumPy, SciPy, SymPy).