How to get started with open source software and communities
2020-11-22, 11:30–12:00, Κύρια Αίθουσα Ομιλιών

Open source software is already in everyone's life. More and more people would like to hop along but find it difficult to begin with. This presentation is an effort to assist people who want to get involved and expand Greek presence in open source. Stories from open source communities will be shared followed by a QnA section.

In this non technical talk we aim in describing our activities and experiences in open source software development with a goal to start a procedure that helps newcomers join open source development and build a community. Our purpose is to minimize concerns in regards to getting started with OSS.
The speakers are active in multiple diverse technology areas from cloud and linux engineering to scientific computing (Working with communites like Boost C++, MySQL, JBoss, GeomScale, Apache Software Foundation, Red Hat) sharing common stories and passion for open source.