CrossMobile: a framework to create Native Mobile and Desktop applications
2020-11-22, 18:15–18:45, Κύρια Αίθουσα Ομιλιών

CrossMobile is an Open Source framework to create native iOS, Android and Desktop applications in Java using the iOS API. With CM, it's possible to write once your application, and fully recycle your source code for all supported platforms. All implementation details of logic, UI, hardware and external libraries are supported simultaneously, thus saving developing, debugging and release time. The applications run at top speed retaining the best user experience.

The Holy Grail in mobile and desktop development is how one can write native applications, and thus harness the power and the abilities of the underlying platform, and at the same time not having to write everything more than once. Up to now hybrid solutions are proposed, like Ionic, Cordova or React Native, which offer single authoring but fail to fulfill the final quality requirement. On the other hand cross-compilers have been introduced, like Xamarin or Flutter, which recycle only a small part of the overall code or even use not so common languages, such as C# and Darts. On top of that, accessing hardware assets means to have to write for each specific platform the code from scratch, since API differences prohibit of a real "single code" approach. With CrossMobile these limitations are waived: it is possible to write applications really once and compile or transpile to the native code, thus having all the benefits of the native programming. CrossMobile has been developed for more than 5 years, but has recently become Open Source. This presentation is about how this has been possible, the technologies underneath that perform this magic and how one can start using this framework for his own projects.