Synergy, an open source DLT financial toolkit for Cooperatives
2020-11-22, 17:15–17:45, Κύρια Αίθουσα Ομιλιών

By utilizing the Quorum blockchain framework we developed an open-source financial toolkit for the Cooperative Community. It offers loyalty and micro-credit services and is accompanied by the Synergy Digital Wallet. The goal is to create a software stack that is modular and can be easily replicated by the Coop Community around the world.

Synergy is a financial Open Source toolkit for cooperatives based on a distributed ledger. It was developed by Sociality Coop and was funded by the NGI Ledger program. Synergy provides loyalty and micro-credit services to cooperatives using blockchain technology. This way we want to help the CoOp community overcome challenges such as lack of liquidity and investment capacity. Sociality, a CoOp itself, has experienced how these challenges limit the prospects of the Social & Solidarity Economy in Greece, which has grown as a response to the crisis. The system was co-designed by the CoOp community in Athens through meetings and workshops and operates using the Quorum open-source blockchain platform. Moreover, the system has its own Digital Wallet and implements privacy-by-design elements to ensure data privacy for the user. Our goal is to make the toolkit easily replicable and modular so the CoOp communities can recreate it in different cities and govern it in a community-based approach.